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#1 Position In Search Engines

The Problem:

Not having any idea of how much an SEO campaign would impact their business, this laundromat company

decided to get an edge in their industry through our marketing strategies.

The Solution:

After learning their needs, we began right away in assisting LNFM with an outstanding online presence.

Starting with on-page optimisation, and installation of proven plugins, we quickly generated results. They

continually rank in the number 1 position. To make it more cost effective, we stopped our SEO campaigns

because of their continued ranking through our digital marketing campaigns, We continue ongoing

maintenance on their website to stay updated and fresh

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At PinPoint Local we continue to increase our services. We have specialists that are able to create a more

powerful online presence for your digital marketing needs. Instead of worrying about where the traffic is

coming from, companies like Laundromat NFM can now focus on their work, now that it is pouring in.

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Here's what Paul has to say:

“We designed our website, powered it with an SEO strategy and later switched to a maintenance plan. The

only reason we stopped the SEO package was because we were ranking number one literally every time

someone searched for something related to our business.

We have clients, like hotels and restaurants, from neighbouring cities, coming to our laundromat. This has

helped make a significant difference to our bottom line, and it’s all thanks to the success of our SEO


After 5 years with PinPoint Local, we’re happy to continue with our maintenance plan, which includes

premium hosting, updates, backups and the ability to request basic changes to our website. Ensuring our

website is fast, fresh and up-to-date, allows us to keep our top rankings, and helps us get business as far as

two towns away.

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