If MORE than 50% of the world used VOICE SEARCH at the beginning of 2020, it makes sense that it will only increase.
So the question ‘How to Increase Traffic on Your Website?’ can be answered by taking into consideration HOW mobile phone friendly your website is.
Google will NOT look kindly at your Business website if it is not mobile phone friendly. If that happens, you can bet your bottom dollar, your website will sound like crickets.
Check your website for mobile optimisation HERE.

Phone and desktop both used for searching on the internet

If your site doesn’t pass Google’s test-

(remember, it’s all about meeting their requirements!
Your business will not succeed without Google, more so as we move forward further into 2020. Don’t argue about it; Just DO what they want!)

here’s some things you can do to improve it.

  • Use a responsive WordPress theme.
    Stay away from the ‘Cheap and Nasty $1 a year LookaLike’ website Hosting and Website Builders that will give you peanuts: cos you’re a Monkey for believing VALUE has got nothing to do with COST (generally).
  • Use bullet/ number points, not long blocks of text.
  • Keep paragraphs short; 2- 3 sentences only
  • Use Headers for those who scan read, especially on their phones.
  • Use SEO friendly content; it’s so important!
    Builders like WordPress have automatic website optimisers, that prompt you to fix what needs fixing or suffer the consequences. If you need to, outsource it.


An important thing to remember with Voice Search is use the best content you can.
Make the information valuable, important and yet easy to understand.

THINK: If I use words to search for something, what words am I most likely to use?
For example: You want to take a boat trip up the Tweed River and have lunch at the Murwillumbah pub at 12.30 on Tuesday. You could ask Google (or Siri) these:
WORDS 1: ‘Boat trip to Murwillumbah for lunch at the pub’’
WORDS 2: ‘I want to take a trip up the Tweed River and stop at the pub for a nice roast Lunch, with a couple of beers on Tuesday before coming home’.
WORDS 3: ‘Return Tweed River Boat Cruise to Murwillumbah for lunch’.

The BEST Content is contained in #3.
It has a START, a FINISH and a TIME.

Did you know Scotland has a Tweed River?
Perhaps Google would think #2 is asking you to go there for lunch. By Tuesday.

And #1 could have the trip beginning, not at Tweed but West of Murbah, at Mount Warning! You did say ‘boat’.

Make the information valuable, important and yet easy to understand.


In other words, Keep It Simple Scribe!
L-O-N-G Tail Keywords have many words strung together (a bit like #2) and contains unnecessary information.
Medium and Short Tail Keywords contain less but more valuable and important words.
Think of the necessary and eliminate the unnecessary; that’s it.

  • Google appreciates this and rewards your potential customer with better, faster and more accurate results.
  • This pleases your customer. They review your site and leave good comments.
  • This encourages others to visit your site.
  • Google is pleased you pleased their Customer.
  • You begin to show some Authority on Google Analytics as more users prefer your voice search accuracy in regard to their enquiries.
  • BOOM!
  • They LOVE it.
  • Google Loves it.
five yellow star rating, with a finger pointing to the right (5th) star.


Less than 1 seconds; that’s it.
If it takes longer than that, a potential wallet full of money has decided to look elsewhere.
TIME is of the essence, you know that.
In less than ONE seconds, I want to have 100% access to everything the website has to offer, especially when I am on my phone.
If the images t-a-k-e-t-o-o-l-oo-n-g…..3 seconds!…I am gone, me and my $$ card.


That is the beauty of a proper website Builder and Hosting Provider; they have all that built in.
If your website takes too long to load on a desktop, tablet and a phone, you will get a red light that says ‘FIX ME!’ and gives you the HOW TO, in order to.
Fix it.

The Cheap & Nasties don’t care.
They make their money like some of these bogus pretend educational rorts who get paid for bums on seats but end up delivering an F- grade ‘expert’.
Thinking you are saving money by using the ‘$1 a year’ Cheapie will cost you in the long run.
They make their money by stuffing as many websites as possible into one ‘drawer’, regardless of what they may be selling.
Imagine, a stack of drawers on top of one another as high as a building, hundreds upon thousands of them.
Each ONE drawer holds say, 1000 websites.
You could be in the same drawer as the local pawn shop, the local porn shop and the local prawn shop. Right next to them, jammed in tight.
So they’re ‘credibility’ will affect you.
Google is not keen on that sort of setup and ranks those websites accordingly.

The best providers give you your OWN drawer. You are not affected by the porn, pawn or prawn shop next door; they can do what they do, it will have 0% impact on you.


Yes, on your desktop in the office, pop-ups can be overlooked on that 36” monitor but even on a 6.5” mobile screen, pop- ups are more than annoying.

Angry Man Yelling at his Laptop

“Wart Cream… Fungal Cream… DIY Lemonade Shampoo!
How to make $5,000 in the next hour! Text HOW!!”

And up they pop… pop…pop…pop.

Here is some good advice: Get rid of pop-ups.
If someone is on YOUR site and those pop-ups keep… popping up on their phone, you know what?
That someone and their credit card are gone.
That is NOT all. There is a price to pay for pissing people off.
They are not happy; their Time was wasted. Google notes their unhappiness on this thing called ‘Bounce Rate’ (because they ‘bounce out quickly’) and penalises your website.
You lose ground, ranking, authority.
Get it?
Lose the Pop-ups.


Google research shows LOCALS act on what they search, pretty quick.
In a recent report, they said “50 percent of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day, and 34 percent who searched on a computer/tablet did the same.”

SO. It’s clear. Get Your LOCAL On.

Here’s how.

Let’s say your business is in Kingscliff NSW 2487.
Guess what you would write in your Title tag?… In your Meta Description?
…In your URL address?… in your H1 Heading? …In your content?  In the Alt Tags?

WRITE your Business Name- Your Phone Number- Your Kingscliff NSW 2487 address. WRITE IT EVERYWHERE to build your Local visibility.

Smartphone with a MAP displayed and a location Icon pointing

84% of people visited the LOCAL business they searched on their phone, tablet or computer… that very day!
Say a bit less than 10% (eight customers) bought your products or services that day. Let’s say each sale was between $100 and $350.
Isn’t that worth the effort?
Improve your LOCAL visibility and increase potential customers opportunities to find you and spend their money with you;
Improve your Mobile Phone Voice Search capability.


Ask your customers HOW they found you, what they thought of your website and if they found it easy to navigate.
You might busily plod away adding images and blog articles with top quality content but you need to know if the end user experience was wonderful!

If (while looking you up on their phone) the customer had trouble finding your contact details or address..
had to wait aaggees for the first picture to load and then, ended up with a font they found difficult to read and words all out of shape…

Better still, Build your website with these things in mind.


ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES is the way to make your content mobile compatible, so that whether the potential customer with his money card in hand, is on a desktop or his mobile, your website will always be easy to navigate.

Start with the AMP for WordPress plugin.
Trying to do a DIY job without the expertise is a waste of your time. You have better things to do.

The beauty of AMP is that the customer experience is excellent on any device and that may be the one thing that keeps them engaged with your business.


2020 will see some businesses fall by the wayside, as Google trims the tree and promotes those business that are most likely to give a good customer experience room to grow and flourish.
The rest will fall further down in rank, visibility and therefore, in sales.
If you need a hand, VISIT HERE.

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