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The Problem:

After having worked with another Web Design & SEO digital marketing company, IMM Boat Lifts still failed

to gain the results they hoped for. With a lot of competition in the area, their hopes of getting customers

had started to dwindle. They came to PinPoint Local to dramatically increase their organic traffic and drive

leads. After a consultation, we started to plan our next steps to get IMM Boat Lifts to the forefront of

customers attention.

The Solution:

We improved their online lead funnel and other landing pages. Overhauled crucial aspects on their website

and launched a targeted content marketing strategy. We also built a contractor locator onto their website to

ensure no business was lost. We continue to monitor and update the website in order to maintain the

highest quality of online presence. IMM Boat Lifts continue to sit in the local pack (top 3) in search engines.

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At PinPoint Local we continue to increase our services. We have specialists that are able to create a more

powerful online presence for your digital marketing needs. Instead of worrying about where the traffic is

coming from, companies like IMM Boat Lifts can now focus on their work, now that it is pouring in.

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Here's what Steven has to say:

“Our online presence was a disaster. We hired a company to build us a new website. We ended up with a

dysfunctional site that didn’t get the online traction we needed. This prompted us to look for a local SEO

agency that could help us.

Having invested in a website the previous year, we were skeptical about redoing our site. It turned out that

having faith in the expertise of PinPoint Local was a great decision. We’ve been crazy busy and continue to

gain rankings nationally and internationally. Now, we get our leads from customers as well as contractors.

We’ve added a contractor locator form to our website. This helps us redirect the end-client leads to a

contractor who can install our boat lifts. Simple improvements like this have resolved a lot of bottlenecks.

It’s a win-win situation for us.”

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