We all know that Social media is crucially important to our online business presence, whatever service or goods we are looking to promote.
And for the new business venture, it’s seems even more important to come up with an effective strategy. So it’s easy to think….
“Advertising Campaigns!
For a few dollars a day, my new business will be seen and people will buy!
That’s what I need to do”.

A young man shouts loudly and happily as notes of money rain out of the sky around him

They can be misleading and costly.
To get things rolling, the plan needs to involve an advertising/ marketing strategy as well as the development of customers as they come onboard.
This needs to built around attracting customers and keeping them.
Business can be profitable if it’s done right.

It is easy to turn to paid advertising as the Key Strategy.
You want to get moving quickly and paying to be seen online may be seen as a good move.
But people passing by your ad will not all become buying customers, unless you are selling the cure for cancer or unicorn rides.
And a knee jerk, quick fix solution does not build the credibility you need.

Allow us to suggest a few things you can start doing now.

ADVERTISING with Social Media


Start Business Accounts with them all and use a Business email not ‘John@gmail.com’ or ‘jane@outlook.com’

Your Email List Campaigns

In this day and age, everyone receives soooo much email.
When you want information on a product or service, the first thing the company will do is get you to enter your email.
That’s when it begins.

There is a big industry in email lists and your name, email address and phone number can become ‘owned’ by Marketers who sell your details to businesses wanting to peddle their goods or services.
Often, these email you receive are slim on valuable content but huge on the ‘Hard Sell’ with links to strategies designed to get your card out of the wallet or purse.

While this business strategy is fundamental to beginning to build a customer base, it needs to be done right to get a decent ROI.
Here’s How.

One man in two pictures, one stupidly smiling, the other, sadly frowning

This is the start of things. It will take more than one or two emails to establish this. You don’t build the foundation of a long- term relationship within the first meeting. Not usually.
When you have a number of people in a ‘connected relationship’ with you because they like you and the content you provide, move on to the Next step.


It’s time to focus on building up your authority and credibility.
You have their attention; Now you need to show them why you are worthy of it.

With that baseline of information,

To summarise these points, the first sequence of emails will build a relationship, establish credibility and authority, while allowing a glimpse of the solution.


Describe their Solution with images, case studies, graphs, testimonials, bold and colourful videos and downloadable content.

two people with pens and a large sheet of paper discussing their plan


Present the solution. Keep this brief and to the point. Having built the relationship to the point where you are trusted as a credible and believable Authority, you do not need to convince your target audience; you need to direct them in a straightforward way, to the solution.

Summarise for your Audience.
While the temptation may be to cover ALL the ABC123s’ of your service or product in ALL its’ entirety, refrain.

A Little Urgency.
A little bit of pressure is ok. Some people need to dip their toes in the water first, while others will just jump straight in. And a few will stand on the sand, thinking about it.
Make use of Scarcity customisations like Countdown Timers and ‘Limited To XX signees’ and such to help them make a FOMO Decision.


Consider how you want to be treated:
Respectfully? With some common decency?
If you UNDER- PROMISE and OVER- DELIVER, it will attract those who are looking for real solutions.
Be sure to keep the process Super- Simple.
Always aim to make your content and your processes understandable for those who think and reason simply. You will only isolate these ones (who may have the money to spend on your problem- solving solution) by writing content and creating processes only fit for those with ‘higher learning’.
Higher Education does not necessarily mean More money to Spend.
Look at the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

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